Testimonial for the Staying Alive Fitness “Act” Now Program
(Accountability Circuit Training)
By Irene Dreidger

With much appreciation, I accepted the opportunity to offer my testimonial for this program.

I ventured into the fitness center because of normal health issues which needed to be attended to, to prevent possible concerns for my 60ish aging body.

Not having any recent exercise experience and being new to the area, I was greatly intimidated, frustrated, concerned about spending time and money on myself, and wondering if it was really for me.

When offered the “ACT” NOW program, I was assured and confident I could do it and knew I needed to for the sake of my loved ones and myself. Cheryle provided me with a circuit program and showed me how to use some of the machines. I found this quite manageable and I quickly produced more energy and strength. With her assistance, I saw results in terms of inches and weight loss and found it do-able and even fun because it was geared specifically for me.

After a few weeks of progress, I, unfortunately suffered a broken ankle at home. The extra stress on hips, shoulders, arms, back and whole body would have been far more difficult if I hadn’t started Staying Alive when I did. I am positive of that.

I’m excited about going back as soon as possible to prevent any atrophy of unused bones and muscle; to continue strengthening all areas of my body.

I highly value the expertise and opportunities offered at Staying Alive Fitness and would heartily encourage all to join.

ACT NOW and ACT-ON what you can do for your own STAYING ALIVE FITNESS.

From a Happy Actonite, Irene

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