"My decision to inquire about personal training at Staying Alive Fitness will forever be the best decision I have ever made.  After multiple years of trying to have children, including several fertility treatments which lead to weight gain, I was looking for an escape as well as a path that would lead me to a better place physically and emotionally. Adam Andrews provided me with that path and kicked my butt all the way down it.  He has been an amazing motivator, support system and after getting to know each other a friend too.  I couldn’t imagine, before working with Adam, that a personal trainer could ever be such a significant part of my life. (….and I have had numerous trainers in the past to compare to)  But now that I have trained with him, I know that he should be the bench mark for what a personal trainer should aspire to be, and is literally one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  I’m very thankful for not only his dedication, but for the entire team at Staying Alive Fitness!  Thank you Adam and Leanne for providing me with the tools and motivation to better myself with a fun atmosphere in which to do it!"

- Erika Price

“I have been a member of Staying Alive Fitness since January 2010. It was one of those life defining moments when I met Leanne Monaghan. I knew with her support and guidance I would finally conquer my weight issues. She is extremely supportive, tough when she needs to be but not judgmental. I consider it a privilege to be in a position to work with Leanne one on one three times a week.”

- Judy Williamson

“I’ve been a member at Staying Alive Fitness from the first month it opened. I enjoy Pilates, Bosu, Core Training, and Spinning. It wasn’t until I entered the Waist Not Want Not Challenge at the gym that I really had my eyes opened to Personal Training. There were only three women in the group and we met twice a week, but Leanne adjusted the workouts to suit each one of us. I won that challenge and it inspired me to try Personal Training with Leanne. I started one or two sessions a week with her, mainly to ensure I was performing all the exercises correctly. What a difference that one-on-one session made to the way I worked out!

Leanne could always sense how far I could go each day and what my body was ready to try next. When I finally did the “Roll Up” correctly the first time, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I know I never would have accomplished the “Roll Up” in a regular class. Thanks Leanne!

The number of people who have complimented me on my body and said that I must have lost weight and to keep up whatever I’m doing, has shown me that the Personal Training has paid off big time.”

- MaryAnn Austin

“In 2009, I created The Gravity Gives Project to support local groups in Milton. The premise of this was to travel to Switzerland and perform 12 bungee jumps from the 70 storey Verzasca Dam, a record for the Goldeneye Bungee Company.

The physical strain of such a feat, that and being twice the age of most bungee jumpers, required some unique training and physical conditioning. As I decided to hire a personal trainer, there was no short list. Only one name came up – Leanne Monaghan.

Leanne’s regiment involved pilates, yoga and therapeutic massage. I have to say that it was a lot of work and Leanne was determined to get the best results from me. Even an emergency surgery during my training period did not stop us from achieving our goal. Leanne new exactly what she was doing.

On jump day at the dam, I was exhausted from jet lag and lack of sleep since I was very nervous. The day was grueling and painful but I had reached such a level of physical and mental condition that I was able to set a new Goldeneye record and doubled the number of jumps any customer in the world had been able to do.

The value of Leanne’s involvement needs to be put in plain terms and cannot be overstated. I simply would not have achieved a successful outcome for that day if it were not for Leanne. The smartest decision I made during the planning of Gravity Gives was asking Leanne to be a part of it. Without her, I would be looking back on that day with regret rather than pride.”

- Greg Nelson: Councillor Ward 2, Milton, ON

“I have been a member at Staying Alive Fitness since Day One. It is a great place to work out. I, lovingly, call it “My Gym Family”.

Leanne and her staff are very accommodating to each member’s fitness levels and needs. Members can participate in a variety of classes plus have full use of the gym equipment.

Some classes are even run outdoors. In summer you may get the opportunity to canoe or kayak on Fairy Lake. I had never kayaked until this past summer when Barb (instructor) took us out on the lake. What a great experience! All of us in the class were “rookies”, but we caught on quickly and had a fun work out.

During the winter some of the outdoor classes involved snow showing and tobogganing; great activities to get us out moving in our great Canadian winters.

If you are undecided about joining a gym, take advantage of the one week trial membership. You will be pleasantly surprised. You will feel welcomed by staff and members. No one judges you on your capabilities; we have all been there and encourage our fellow members.”

- Rose Wilson

“I joined the Staying Alive Fitness Gym in September 2009 and immediately felt at home! The instructors and staff are friendly, knowledgeable and very encouraging. The variety of equipment available and classes offered is truly remarkable, so there’s never any problem with becoming bored or finding the right kind of challenge you need to improve your fitness level. The instructors know just how hard to push in order to have you reach your full potential!

I’ve met some great gym buddies who I look forward to seeing on a regular basis and the results I’ve achieved have really improved the quality of my life. I feel great, both physically and emotionally, and have the strength and stamina to do all the things I enjoy in life. Joining Staying Alive Fitness and working out there on a regular basis is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and that’s priceless!”

- Lorraine Boyd

“Pilates has provided positive benefits to my overall well-being, surprisingly with only one session a week. I am more aware of my posture and naturally self-correct it. This has reduced neck strain and muscle fatigue. I have also been relieved of lower back issues by strengthening my core muscles. I also find the classes to be taught in a warm personal way. They are refreshing and energizing. Needless to say, my weekly Pilates class is a priority for me.”

- Ray Vander Kooij, Senior Pastor, Bethel Church, Acton

“As a senior practicing Pilates I can continue to function in my normal routines with flexibility, core strength and reasonable stamina. Pilates’ routines help give my day a positive start and I enjoy a great sense of physical well-being. You are only as old as you feel.”

- Gord Whately

“After being a member of another local fitness centre for some years I joined Staying Alive Fitness when it first opened. I was attracted to the bright, clean, well-equipped facility and the professional friendly staff. Being an avid outdoor recreational cyclist, I was also enticed by the fact that they were going to be offering Spin classes.

I presently spin 4 times a week and find the classes a real test of stamina and a very demanding cardio work out. The professional instructors make the class fun but at the same time push you to your limit. For me it’s an enjoyable way of maintaining my fitness objectives. The results are evident when I begin my seasonal outdoor cycling workouts.”

- Allan Hall