Our Very Own Leanne in Front of Thousands

Recently, Staying Alive Fitness’ Leanne Monaghan, was asked to present her style of yoga to thousands at The Green Living Show in downtown Toronto.

Leanne’s class geared to align your physical, mental and spiritual bodies through gentle movement and breath was a hit! Women and men filled up the space quickly, and many were begging for more when her series ended.

A special thanks goes out to Debra Antwi of Sweat Equity Magazine for setting this all up. We love what the Sweat Equity folks are doing over in Oakville and we would love to do more with them!

Also, we are so happy to have gotten a chance to work with Deborah Divine, of Devorah Devine Yoga. You might have seen her on zommertv, or be aware of her incredible yoga programs which push deep into how to handle emotions like grief. It was Deborah who reached out to Leanne to get her to participate. We are thrilled to have the chance to have worked with her and are very excited to do some joint work in the future.

If you are interested in Yoga, come join our classes over at the gym. If you can’t make those times, then let me leave you with one little tip that will help you on your journey – breathe. Many people don’t realize the impact that breath is having on their bodies. Just take a few minutes and breathe deeply and you will notice the stress and strain dropping out your shoulders.

Happy Spring everyone!

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