Nominate a Man in Your Life for a Lifestyle Makeover in Honour of Father’s Day!

Happy (almost) summer everyone, because Father’s Day always means summer! It normally falls the same week as the first day of summer and there is something exciting about the feeling of ‘knowing’ that the sun is here to stay!

In honour of Father’s Day, the team at Staying Alive Fitness, wanted to come up with a way to celebrate! But truth be told Father’s day brings up many emotions for all of us. So instead of focusing on fathers we decided to extend the idea a bit.

We want you to nominate a great man in your life!

It could be your Dad, but it could also be the man who always helped you when you needed it, or a man that you see doing good things in your community, or even your local store owner who greets you with a smile every single time you see him and helps you make the best decision on a product. Oh and don’t forget those siblings too!

All you have to do is email us and tell us in a few sentences why you think this man deserves a complimentary “makeover”.

Wondering what a makeover even is?

Well the recipient of this prize gets to choose between three options:

  • A personal training session with Leanne
  • A personalized session to discuss overall health including nutrition and sleep habits with Leanne
  • A 45 minute massage with Leanne

*note: the nominee does not need to be a member of the gym.

Email us at with your nomination!

One thought on “Nominate a Man in Your Life for a Lifestyle Makeover in Honour of Father’s Day!

  1. I would like to nominate my son Andrew. He has been having a hard time of things lately. He is a really great guy who needs something positive in his life. He recently graduated Conestoga with an honour’s graduate certificate in Public Service. He is still technically a student until he completes his three month practical placement. He has tried really hard to find a placement but can’t seem to find one. He is taking factory jobs through a job agency until something better comes up.
    The job agency he worked for canceled his contract and he thinks it is something he has done. The one interview he had with the City of Guelph fell through. Both things happened on the same day not more than ten minutes apart. He eats when he gets depressed and he is a little chubby because of it.
    He volunteers with the Guelph NDP and he has just been nominated as the Wellington Chapter Vice President. He is a good natured fellow who would do anything for anyone should they ask. I think it would be nice for him to some pampering. He deserves it.

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