Vicki just got measured after her first month on the ACT NOW (Accountability Circuit Training) program. Can you say “FABULOUS”? A whopping 6 inches lost. When will YOU start the program?
as written by our wonderful client, Lynda.

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the gym
Everyone was busy, trying to get slim.
Adam was there and so was Leanne
Encouraging their clients, to do what they can.

Both were busy, on this there’s no doubt
Working with clients, they were getting worn out.

Equipment was occupied, including the weights
Everyone was motivated, to do what it takes.
Lynda was panting and sweating a lot
Trying like hell, to get rid of her pot.

Leanne had ideas and advice that is sure
“Drink water,” said Adam, “Now that is the cure.”
Diet and exercise plus, plus, plus, plus
Must do it all, without any fuss.

Grabbing the file and flipping open the chart
Leanne announced, she was ready to start.
A huffing and a puffing and dragging her rear
Lynda was determined, to get into high gear.

“Right leg finished. That was really well done.
Now do the left leg, just for some fun.”
Lynda realized immediately, this was no fluke.
Two legs, double work. Her comment, “oh puke”.

Leanne continued with patience and grace,
“This time will pay off. It isn’t a waste.
You will reach your goal by the end of the year.
You can do it I know, so don’t you dare fear”.

Pumped with enthusiasm, and ready for more
Lynda started exercises down on the floor.

Session soon over, Lynda threw on her coat.
Looking at everyone and clearing her throat,
“Have a safe happy holiday,” she said with a grin.
Enjoy Christmas season with all of your kin.”

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