Staying Alive Fitness Inc. has received acclaim for the variety and quality of our diverse offerings. Our range of classes accommodate beginner to advanced levels of physical fitness and capability.

We are a full service gym. Equipment ranges from T-Zone Health Vibration Technology™ machines (known to our members as the “jiggle machines”), treadmills, elliptical & row machines, bikes, life fitness weight machines, functional trainer, and a variety of free weights, weighted balls, ropes, BOSU and stability balls. We also offer classes for those individuals who enjoy physical activity in a group setting.

Our classes include:

Pilates/Yoga Fusion

A Pilates based class blended with the elements of Yoga.  The class is taught in a vinyasa flow style which makes it a fluid, integrative experience.

Restorative Pilates

This class will work to strengthen your core, optimize joint stability, correct muscular imbalances and restore structural integrity to the body, thereby improving movement quality and overall function. 


A great way to exercise and at your own pace! Moving through hill climbs and tension rides to high energy sprints and speed work on our stationary bikes will leave you feeling on top of the world when you’re done.


Two great workouts in one class!  A 30 minute spin, followed by 30 minutes of full body muscle conditioning, moving from station to station and finishing up with stretching.


A Bootcamp style workout with a Kickboxing twist! Using a mix of partner and group kickboxing drills combined with body-weight exercises, this high energy class will leave you wanting more! All Levels Welcome!


This class features fitness moves and dance rhythms set to high-energy Latin, International and modern beats for a full body workout. It’s an easy and effective FUN-filled cardio workout. Before you know it, your body is getting toned and your energy levels are soaring! You’ll wonder where the hour went. 


Interval training at its best. 8 Rounds of each exercise, 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. What better than getting a cardio workout while performing strength training exercises!

Circuit Class

Want to get your heart rate up? Want to tone those muscles? Circuit training will do just that! Going from exercise to exercise with little rest to keep the intensity in your workout.