Staying Alive Fitness is about more than pumping iron. We continuously provide a wide variety of fitness classes with morning and evening offerings available to accommodate your busy schedule as well as your personal level of fitness.

We are a full service gym including classes and yoga, personal training, massage therapy, and educational presentations round out our service menu. We offer free lectures with subject matters such as nutrition, fitness, ergonomics, lifestyles, sleep disorders, and many more. We are not a gender specific fitness centre -Every BODY is welcome!

Interested in a Membership? The Staying Alive Fitness club does not simply provide access to workout opportunities. It's a fun social gathering of a group where friendships have grown with lots of interaction, music, and laughter. Join us and become part of this excitement. A variety of membership plans and payment options are available to accommodate your personal needs and preferences.

What Is Staying Alive Fitness?Get to know what we're all about!

Posted by Staying Alive Fitness Inc. on Thursday, February 11, 2016

How did Staying Alive Fitness come together?

"Talking with friends, we realized we wanted a fitness club close by that met our needs. Staying Alive grew out of meeting Leanne when our boys played hockey together. As I got to know Leanne, I found her inspiring. She lives the life. We talked strategy but I was frustrated because I really wanted to see her out there, to have a place where she could flourish. Finally I said, 'What would it take to make our goals happen?' We found this place after some false starts, got ready between November and December 2005 and then hit the ground running."

- Nancy, Staying Alive Owner
as stated in our first newsletter dated Spring of 2006

How did you become interested in the fitness field?

"As long as I remember I have been interested in fitness. From elementary school on, I participated in track & field, basketball, ringette, and rode horses. In the ‘80’s I taught Aerobics and did body building. Eight years ago, when I attended massage therapy school, my girlfriend and I started experimenting with Pilates and I loved what it did for my body and my mind. In the Fall of 2004, Nancy Tyrie and I started making plans to open a new gym in town. It took a year of developing behind the scenes and six weeks from possession of the building to our Grand Opening.

What are your goals for the gym? I would like to see the gym, not only a place to work out, but to get educated through lecture series, kids and senior programs, a holistic approach to health & fitness. Down the road I would like to see Staying Alive Fitness become a training centre where we would certify future instructors. I would like to continue to educate myself in Pilates, Personal Training, and nutrition."

- LEANNE MONAGHAN, Owner/Manager
as stated in our first newsletter dated Spring of 2006